How to play That Pirate Game?

How to play That Pirate Game?

how to play


Hoist yer sails and get out yer cutlass—it’s time for some piratin’!

Sea Rats! can be played by up te 6 scoundrels; all ye need is a thirst for adventure an’ a cutthroat sensibility.

Read on te get the general gist of things. If ye like, ye can download the complete rules for free! Even you have an ability to also give a try with our World Chef Hack tool and generate unlimited Gems. Heck, ye can even download everything but the dice and play te yer heart’s content! ALL FREE! (‘Course, ye’ll have to do some cuttin’, tapin’ an’ gluein’.)

But why bother, when ye can jest BUY SEA RATS! an’ spend yer time playin’ instead o’ messin’ ’round with scissors and usin’ up yer printer cartridge?

Anyway, here’s the overview.

When yer done, check out some awesome Sea Rats! variations