Vlogging Camera – Shoot Impressive Videos

Vlogging Camera – Shoot Impressive Videos

The camera is used by the individuals for different purposes. When it comes to the online world then for many it works as the source of income. The way of vlogging is selected by several individuals. For the high-quality vlogging which provides lots of fame, vloggers need to use a better camera. With it, they are able to shoot the short clips or videos easily and in an impressive way. All vloggers are not using a similar kind of camera. Some are engaged with hi-tech ones and some are using normal cameras.


For the effective vlogging on the YouTube, some individuals are asking that what is a good vlogging camera do YouTubers use. The camera which is providing better services with impressive features is a good selection. The features are beneficial in shooting attractive videos easily.

Top 2 affordable vlogging cameras

In the market, a huge variety of cameras is available. The variety is differentiated on the basis of several factors such as – quality, price, features and so on. All vloggers or beginners are not able to spend lots of money. These types of individuals are finding the cameras those are tagged with low prices and offering some basic features. There are various low-budgeted cameras are available in the market and following are some examples.

Canon PowerShot S110 Digital Camera

The vlogging is chosen by numerous individuals and all are trying to impressive videos. For the impressive videos, the role of camera quality is essential. The Canon PowerShot S110 Digital Camera is a perfect option for the individuals those are completely fresher. For buying it, they do not need to spend a huge amount of currency. With its use, the users are able to record Full HD 1080p quality videos. It is available with 12MP sensor and it means, you The can capture high-quality images.

The camera is manufactured by using light-weighted properties and users can record the videos at 24fps. The buyers can avail all these features by pay a small amount of the money and which makes the product affordable.

Pros –

•       The camera includes the CMOS sensor

•       The 1920 x 1080 video resolution support

•       The feature of Wi-Fi is built-in

•       The design is simple and lightweight

Cons –

•       Lack of microphone jack with external accessibility

•       Users are not able to detachable the LCD

•       For proper use, the users need to take help from removable SD card

Nikon Cool-Pix S9500

The camera manufactured by adding some interesting features. These features are beneficial in making the work of beginner vloggers much easier. The use of Nikon Cool-Pix S9500 is helpful to the users with 18MP sensors. You can record the videos at 1080p Full HD scales. The camera is working properly in the low light situation. All these things make the camera perfect selection for the beginner vloggers. If we talk about the price of camera then it is completely affordable.

Pros –

•       CMOS sensor

•       Provide better assistance is darker conditions

•       Featured with GPS option

•       The Internet can be accessible through Wi-Fi (Built-In)

•       OLED display with the 3.0-inch screen size

•       Super-telephoto lens is added and provides 22x zoom

Cons –

•       The disturbance is created in case of artificial light sources

•       Lack of microphone output externally

•       In case of video recording, battery backup is not so good

Final words

These two are the specially designed Olympus cameras for the vlogging purposes. Both are available in the market with lots of features and additional benefits. It does not mean that another one is less impressive or worst quality product. There are several other companies are offering similar kind of cameras for vlogging. The interested individuals or vloggers should choose the camera wisely.